Introducing SongShare

SongShare is the easiest way to share playlists with friends, no matter which music streaming service they use.

Two easy ways to use SongShare

1.  Share a link

SongShare will create a link that you can send to any friend or share on any social media platform. When your friends receive this link, they can use SongShift and import the playlist into their music library.

2.  Send to local devices

SongShare will pick up on any local devices that have SongShift installed and open. With just a tap, share a playlist with one of these devices and SongShift will import the playlist into their music library.


SongShare is available to our Pro users for no additional cost. However, we also offer SongShare to those who would like to purchase lifetime access to share playlists. There is no cost associated with receiving playlists.

Lifetime Access