Get answers to frequently asked questions about SongShift.
How do I add a new Shift?

First configure the source music item to transfer. This can be from a direct link, albums, songs, or playlists. If you haven't connected music services yet, you'll be able to do so here. Once you've configurd the source, next configure the destination. When you're done configuring your Shifts, tap "I'm Finished".

How do I get started?

Tap on the floating button at the bottom of the screen. This will open the Shift Configuration page with an unconfigured Shift ready for you to setup.

My playlists aren't showing up!

Changes to your music library happen over the cloud and may not be immediately reflected on your device. Please wait some time if they don't immediately appear.

Have a question we haven’t answered?

If you have any other questions regarding SongShift, please contact us via email at support@songshift.com