Music Transfers and Sharing

Use SongShift to transfer music playlists across streaming platforms and share them with your friends.

Introducing SongShift 5.2

Music to your ears.


Share playlists with anyone, regardless of their music streaming platform.

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Quickly import, transfer, or share recently played music directly from your iOS 14 home screen.


Transfers into Apple Music and Spotify are sped up, and now you can close the app during these transfers.

File Transfers

Easily backup or import playlists and your music library using JSON or TXT files.

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How do I use SongShift?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Configure your Shift

Tell SongShift which playlists, songs, or albums you would like to be transferred to a different music streaming service.


Review Matches

After SongShift has matched all of your songs on your destination service, you are given the opportunity to fix any mismatches.



SongShift will quickly finish the transfer and the songs will appear in your destination music library moments later. Tada! 🎉

Widespread Service Support

SongShift allows simple transfers to and from many popular music streaming services. Additionally, we are continually working on adding more services that are requested by our users.

iOS 14 Widgets

SongShift's widgets allow you to see your recently played music right on your home screen, where you can quickly import, transfer, or share it.

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