SongShift 4.1: In Depth

Published Apr 27, 2019 by The SongShift Team

Earlier this year we launched SongShift 4.0 packed with new features and refinements to make SongShift a reliable app. Thank you to everyone who has submitted feedback and bug reports to us since then. We've been hard at work, and today we're introducing SongShift 4.1.

Better Performance and Bug Fixes

One of the more significant issues we had previously was shifting playlists with thousands of songs. No More! There are no limits to the number of songs in a playlist we support so fixing this bug was crucial. We want you to be able to transfer your all your playlists, no matter the size.

With the crash fixed, we wanted that make sure we addressed the reports of some laggy scrolling. You should now have a rich buttery experience throughout.


When Shifting music in SongShift, there are two phases of processing. First, the matching phase where songs get matched and then the transferring of the songs. With this update, we've tremendously improved the speed of the transfer phase. You’ll notice just how much faster playlists Shift right away.

Furthermore, we also identified some issues with some music service transfers and have addressed them.

Expanded Album and Song Transfer Support

Previously only Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer supported albums and songs as a source. Today we're adding support for Pandora, Qobuz, and Tidal.

Qobuz Support

We believe in giving you as many options as possible when transferring your music. Today we're bringing support for Qobuz, a new streaming service highly requested from our users.

Spanish Localization

Earlier in SongShift's lifetime, we offered support for Spanish localization for a brief period. With this update, we're bringing it back fully. We will be evaluating which languages to support next and look forward to offering support to many more localizations.

Other UI/UX Changes

  • Added two new alternative icons

  • Improvements to VoiceOver

  • Made it easier to ignore a failed song from the match screen.

  • Made it clear which song you were re-matching in the Re-Match search page.

  • Reorganized the home sections into more appropriate groups.

  • Reduced the size of the Pro banner in the app settings page for Pro users.

  • Updated the displayed keyboard to be more appropriate when connecting a service depending on if you're entering an email or a username.


You can get SongShift now for free and upgrade to pro for $4.99 in the AppStore. We appreciate everyone who has supported our app by upgrading to Pro. We have A LOT more in store for you soon.